Hebrew School Helpers

Flemington Young Judaea is proud to be based out of the Flemington Jewish Community Center, and we are proud to serve the community in return for all they do for us. Most of the YJ Bogrim (grades 8-12) work as TAs and/or tutors for the FJCC Hebrew School, in addition to our work with Young Judaea. On this web page we will share resources with you that will  your Hebrew School experience! (Also great for parents wanting to learn more!)

We’ll be adding resources to help with everything, from learning Hebrew to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah and beyond. Don’t miss any of it! Subscribe on the right side of the page to stay up to date!

Voice Recordings of the Friday Night Service Parts

  • Slow versions of the service parts, recorded by your very own TA!
  • IMPORTANT: You MUST READ ALONG in the Siddur when listening to these files. They are meant to help you learn the tune, and to clarify the pronunciation. When learning your service parts, you should be primarily reading the words! (Trust us! We’ve been doing this for a long time.) Reading and practicing your parts by following along (not by memory) is how you improve your reading skills! If you take the easy way out now, it will only be harder for you later on (especially when you’re tutoring for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah). We know you don’t want to, but trust us: we want what’s best for you!
  • Want to show us you’ve been practicing?! Feel free to record your practicing below!
    • grade # and either your initials or first name 
    • We don’t want you to give out specific information online, so just write enough for us and your Hebrew School teachers to figure out which of our awesome students you are

Review of Hebrew Letters

  • An external website to help review Hebrew letters



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